This self help guide aims to cut all the bullshit from your life to help you truly appreciate yourself, your life and if your lucky the people around you.
Whilst I don’t pretend to be a guru or lie to you by saying I have all my shitty ducks in a row.. what I do have is passion, the ability to see through the crap and the determination not to let all the so called ‘together’ people judge me or put me down any longer. It has taken over 30 years to get myself to this point… the point of reinventing myself and being strong enough to go against the grain!
My story starts with me quitting my job… yes I have just sent my resignation letter (This plan best work)
You may or may not be wondering how I have come to this point at my mere 31 years of age.. and my response to you would be an honest, “I don’t know” right now I’m really not sure what I’m doing and if I have done the right thing… but time will tell and if I am about to preach to you, I should honestly take a leaf from my own book and do what it is I’m preaching about.
I am not about to promise you by reading this blog or following my story, that you will all of a sudden see a mountain of wealth or your life change completely for the better.. and quite frankly I have no idea if this is going to work for me. All I am saying to you is that I am taking the risk and investing in myself and my happiness and if there is some great law of attraction at play, things should work out for the best!
I am at a point where I am no longer content at doing the same mundane things each day, I’ve had enough of comparing myself to everything and everyone, criticizing what I am doing, why I am doing it and how I can do it better. I am writing my story and taking each step (practicing what I preach) as I write with you… so this blog will be a true reflective self help account which will either really work, or show you what NOT to do, so either way it should be a great read!q

Quit work and Gain Life

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