So you want to know more…… well I am in my early 30’s, i’m female and live with my 2 children and husband in suburban Kent. I sometimes love where i live and then other times hate it. It is a very safe area however some people are very judgmental and are in the “keep up with the Jones” club… so if your face doesn’t fit, you’re not getting in.

I know this due to establishing a few small businesses in the area and I was like a lamb to the slaughter. Basically my face didn’t fit! I opted to sign myself out and concentrate on myself and my life.

as you would have read, I am at a cross road phase in my life where I am hoping for a little miracle, a little something to push me back on the road of “i don’t give a shit” the happy road.

I do not have a grand plan or a way to magically turn my life around over night, but I do plan on documenting where I go, what I do, what I think and hoe following some guided techniques i can hopefully get to the “right” placeimagescaircb79